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Spin Doctors: 5 Reasons Why Cycling Is Good For You!

Spin Doctors: 5 Reasons Why Cycling Is Good For You!

With the winter very much in full swing, your bicycle may not seem like an ideal mode of transport to get around on. Sure you might get a bit wet and yes, you probably will get cold but that’s no reason to stop pedaling. Even if you’re not a regular cyclist but have high hopes of becoming one, you might be putting off getting into the routine because of the weather but let’s be honest, there’s no time like the present. It may be cold and wet outside now but get on your bike now and get in shape – it’s better to sweat and get red faced when everyone around you is already so that when spring comes around, you’ll be able to cycle anywhere you like without looking like you’ve just run a marathon!

A List For Inspiration

If that intro wasn’t enough in the way of persuasion for you, then check out these 5 reasons why cycling is good for you below and get yourself ready to cycle this winter – whatever the weather.

Cycling IS Easy

Or rather, it’s only as difficult as you want it to be! Getting into cycling is really easy; you only need a bike and a fistful of enthusiasm. As a human being, you’re going to have to go places and while you could just jump in your car or you could cycle there instead. Cycling from A to B is better for you and the world around you plus it’s faster than walking. It’s not hard to crack either, once you’re cycling somewhere, you’ve become a cyclist! Unlike many other sports, pastimes and hobbies, cycling doesn’t require any fancy regimes, technical equipment or lessons; you just mount up and go!

It Builds Your Muscles

As a base form of exercise, cycling is really good for you but did you know that it’s a good way to build muscle all over your body? You might think that cycling is purely an exercise for the legs but you’d be wrong; when you’re cycling, you’re using your whole body even if you don’t think you are. If you want to build your muscles, then cycling is definitely for you.

It doesn’t just build your muscles either; if you enjoy a regular cycling routine then you should see yourself toning up too. If you’ve been looking to add a bit of definition to your thighs, glutes and hips, then get out on the road immediately and pedal your way towards a nicely toned body.

It��s Great For Stamina And A Healthy Heart

As your muscles build, your overall stamina will certainly improve too. As long as you’re cycling regularly, your stamina will increase and the further you’ll be able to cycle in future. This is mainly due to your increased cardiovascular ability; by using your legs, you can guarantee that your heart is going to have to work a little bit harder, improving your overall fitness. If your heart is beating stronger at a better rate, you’ll certainly be able to feel the benefits of cycling in no time at all.

The heart is a very important part of your body and if it’s running correctly and getting regular exercise, you can be sure that it’s going to pay dividends later on in life. Research from the British Medical Association has proven that cycling as little as twenty miles a week can cut the chances of suffering from coronary heart disease by up to 50%. If that’s not a good reason to get in the saddle then then we don’t know what is!

It Easily Converts Calories

Many people usually turn to cycling after New Year’s Eve, hoping to lose some weight after a Christmas binge but why wait until then to lose any unwanted weight? If you get started now, you might be able to shed some pounds before the festivities even begin, making your New Year’s resolution a hell of a lot easier. A decent bike ride that lasts around an hour can burn around 300 calories. Studies have shown that cycling half an hour a day can burn around five kilograms of fat a year. Also, if you’re well on the way towards fitness before the festivities begin, you may not binge as hard as you did last year too! Call that a ‘win’.

It’s A Known Stress Buster

It’s no secret that exercise is a great way to reduce stress and depression; it gives everyone a well-deserved lift and generally makes you feel better. Stress can lead to some terrifying things such as heart disease, a poor immune system and high blood pressure; physically, stress is bad but mentally, it’s even worse. Fortunately, cycling is a great way to beat it and put your body back in neutral.

Taking the time for a regular bike ride can work wonders for your overall health. Firstly, you can get out into the fresh air, enjoying nature and all of the joys of the great outdoors. Secondly, as you get fitter and healthier, you’ll find yourself becoming more confident and positive. Thirdly, the more you do it, the more you’ll enjoy it. If anything else, see your cycling regime as meditation, rather than exercise or sport; it sounds better when you say it to yourself. If you cycle regularly, you can guarantee that you’ll cut your stress levels in half and enjoy a better quality of life in general.

So…On Yer Bike!

The only thing that could hamper your cycling hopes is any past medical problems that could get affect your cycling ability. First things first, if you know that you suffer from something that could potentially be a problem, it’s a wise idea to consult your doctor first. If you’ve been told to avoid anything too taxing, or if you have a past leg injury, talk your plans through with your doctor and they’ll tell you how much or how little you should be doing.

It’s very unlikely that any doctor will recommend you against doing any physical exercise but it’s always good to get a professional opinion first. You may have to limit yourself in the beginning and work slowly but it’s all good advice; the trick to cycling is getting fitter no relapsing!

So there you have it – it’s all good stuff and nothing should get in your way. Get out and go cycling, whatever the weather!

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