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Rain Protection: 5 Of The Best Rain Jackets Out There!

Rain Protection: 5 Of The Best Rain Jackets Out There!

At this time of the year, staying dry is an absolute priority; getting cold and wet can lead to unwelcome sickness and really get in the way of your work and social life so having a jacket that really keeps the rain out is a real essential!

Waterproof jackets aren’t exactly hard to come by in our nation (the realm of eternal rain) but finding one that’s comfortable, practical and properly rain proof can be a bit of a gamble. If you’re looking to invest in a rain coat that’s good for cycling in, make sure you get one that really keeps the water out!

The downside to having a completely waterproof jacket is that it’s going to get in your way if it’s not raining – luckily, we’ve listed some of the best affordable jackets out there that promise to keep you dry whilst being small enough that they can pack away into a small pocket or bag when they’re not in use.

The jackets that we’ve listed below are a bit more expensive than your standard supermarket quality disposable but they’re very affordable for their quality and if you’ve got plans to cycle regularly throughout this winter period, it’s well worth spending a little bit more on something that’s comfortable and up to the task in hand. All of these are well below the £100 margin and definitely worth considering.

Northwave Breeze Pro – £69.99

This jacket here is a nice all around lightweight number; it’s easy on the eyes and keeps the rain out, but only to a certain degree. The pleated back allows the body to breathe and puts a stop to that horrible humidity that often builds up under rain coats but the jacket is let down by it’s inability to keep the rain out during heavier weather; the rain seemed to find a way in, which is no good at all.

For light showers, this is your jacket but if you want something that’s really versatile, you might want to look elsewhere.

Despite the rain hiccup, it’s a cool and comfortable jacket but leave it at home if you’re expecting rain on a biblical proportion.

If you can find one for cheaper than the RRP, it will be well worth it.

Dare2B Affusion – £49.99

This jacket is a real bargain for it’s price; not because of it’s cycling practicality but for it’s all ‘round usefulness. It’s a heavier jacket which provides excellent levels of warmth and water resistance but…it’s heavy, which means it’s not entirely the best solution for cycling.

The fit isn’t that great either; it has a wide chest and it’s not the most streamlined thing on the market but it’s great around the neck and wrist areas.

Having said all of that, it’s a practical and versatile jacket that can pack away into a small bundle and it only cost’s around £50, which is a small price to pay for the warm and dry.

Dhb Cosmo – £54.99

The Dhb Cosmo is one of our favourite jackets out there; it’s small, lightweight, waterproof, breathable, high-quality and affordable too. The Cosmo comes equipped with a great water resistant and draught proof shell and a snug lining too. The collar and wrists are elasticated to keep the cold out and it can be wrapped into a tiny pocket sized package.

The cut is suited to the modern cyclist; it doesn’t flap around too much and it certainly isn’t a baggy item. The tail of the jacket probably isn’t lower enough for serious race riders but it’s not bad at all.

The Cosmo comes in both a male and female cut to make sure that you get the perfect fit for your body shape, rather than a unisex shapeless garment.

This is an absolute bargain for £54.99

Altura Pocket Rocket – £69.99

If you’re looking for a really lightweight jacket that will genuinely fit into your breast pocket and keep the rain out, then this is a great choice. The material is thick enough to make you feel like you’re wearing more than a glorified plastic bag and it weighs absolutely nothing. It will certainly keep the rain out but it does have a breathability issue; for the price, it could be a little less clammy on the inside.

In terms of fit, it’s not bad either although slimmer riders will find that it flaps about a bit around the midriff but on the whole, it’s a pretty decent jacket.

Generally, this is a cool jacket and the Pocket Rocket is certainly worth considering but only if you can search around and find it for a cheaper price – the fifty quid mark seems like a better price for this offering.

Endura FS-260 – £59.99

The Endura FS-260 is probably our favourite on the list; it offers a great level of protection, it’s lightweight and easily transportable and it’s priced reasonably for what it is.

The Endura can pack down to a pocket-sized shape and you can take it anywhere without ever realising that you have it with you. It’s got some nice features including the comfortable neck to keep the cold out and wrists, reflective detailing to help you with those dark winter nights and seams that won’t let any water in.

It’s the perfect choice if you favour the race style riding position and it really is worth the money at £59.99

Failing That…

If none of these offerings tickle your fancy, perhaps you should invest in heavy duty rain poncho? Ok, they might not be the sexiest things out there but they really do keep you dry and they cost next to nothing. They aren’t very breathable though and you may end up wetter wearing one than without but it’s you call!

Seriously though…call this one a last resort, especially if it’s in pink. You’ll probably get noticed, which is a plus point for the vulnerable cyclist but…if other colours are available…

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