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Pedal Your Wares: 10 Gift Ideas For Cyclists!

Pedal Your Wares: 10 Gift Ideas For Cyclists!

It’s that time of year again when the Christmas lists are out and everyone’s struggling to think of what to buy their nearest and dearest. If you haven’t submitted your list to the man in red yet, then maybe you can grab a few ideas from this list here!

If you’re looking to buy your cycling friend or relative something that they ACTUALLY want or need this season, then look no further; we’ve put together a little list of useful things that all cyclists should have or wouldn’t say ‘no’ to owning! Have a scan through and then get thee to the shops! Time is getting on!

A Cyclocomputer

Cyclometers and cyclocomputers (bike computers) are great tools and incredibly informative too. For cyclists, they can really help them improve their game. These little devices can record and calculate the average speed that a cyclist is traveling at, their top speed, their cadence and their distances. Seeing the benefit of a cycle journey in a measurable, numerical form is a really good motivation to keep on pedaling! They come in all shapes and sizes too, so there’s a lot to choose from!

A Helmet Cam

With the amount of cycling accidents on the rise, having a helmet of bike camera on hand can be a really useful tool. In the event of an accident, there’s no better evidence than actual footage. Apart from that, recording your ride is a great way to critique your style and performance as well as capture any funny things that you see on the way. Modern action cameras are also incredibly versatile and not limited to just being used on a bicycle. Brands like GoPro and Garmin offer incredible value for money, so get one while they’re hot!

New Bike Lights

Bike lights are often neglected bits of kit; for most cyclists, the light they’re sporting usually came from a cheap shop, eats through batteries and feels a bit flimsy. Buying someone a new set of lights may seem like a mundane gift but if they’re a serious and dedicated cyclist, it will be really well received. Good quality lights can really enhance a ride in the dark; the right lights can help a cyclist see as well as be seen, so it’s a win for everyone on the road. We talk about lights in a bit more detail here, if you’re unsure of what you need.

A New Helmet

For many cyclists, helmets can also fall under the ‘neglected’ category. The jury is out about the benefit of wearing one so many cyclists don’t bother updating theirs until they’re completely destroyed. Since wearing anything is surely better than nothing, why not buy your cyclist friend or relative a new lid for Christmas? Prices can start at next to nothing and go to as high as you’d like so there is no shortage of choice and variety. Make sure it offers some degree of protection though!

A Puncture Repair Kit

…AND miscellaneous tools. Cycling doesn’t require a whole garage full of tools to keep a bike on the road but having the right tools for the right job can make a huge difference. A compact and complete puncture repair kit is an absolute essential for anyone who cycles regularly; they’re inexpensive and incredibly handy – pop one in the stocking and you’re a winner. As for other tools, a decent multi-tool that comes complete with Torx and Hex heads and a built in chain tool are pretty darn cool thing for any cyclist to have. They should never leave home without one!

A Mountain Bike Experience

If your desired recipient spends their lives commuting from A to B along the same tired roads, why not add a bit of spice into their usual route by taking them on an off-road, mountain biking experience? Riding through town dodging buses and cars is nowhere near as fun as banging along a few trails in the woods. It can be incredibly rewarding and educational too, even for the most proficient road cyclist; going off-road is a whole different ball game and incredibly fun too. Check where your local mountain bike and off-road clubs are and see what they have to offer.

A Quality Bike Lock

As you get older, you learn that the best Christmas gifts are the practical and useful ones. There’s nothing more practical or useful than an ergonomic bike lock; one that’s specifically designed for the modern cyclist. Sure, you can carry your chain and pad lock with you, or that plastic covered wire thing but actually having a real bit of kit that’s built for purpose and complete with a lifetime guarantee can really give a cyclist the peace of mind they need. I once had to ‘steal’ my own bike after losing the key to the padlock and I was surprised how easy it was. I bought something proper…and never looked back.

Proper Rain Gear

In our fair country (and especially around this time of year) getting wet is the par of the course but it doesn’t have to be; not if you’ve got a decent set of rain gear, that is. Some cyclists like to wear two-piece, water-resistant outfits, some like light breathable Lycra attire, while others prefer head to toe ponchos. You can bet that your desired recipient wears only what they’ve got rather than what they’d like. You can find decent cycling rain gear for pretty cheap prices: check out our little guide about staying dry here for more information!

Lubricants And Chemicals!

No cyclist will ever turn their nose up at a gift consisting of high-quality maintenance goods! Luckily, you can buy all inclusive packages in most local bike shops or outdoor style shops. What you need to look out for is specially formulated chain lubricants, chain cleaners, waterproof greases and all-purpose lubricants. It pays to spend the extra pounds on the good stuff too! Any cyclist looking to take care of their wheels will be incredibly thankful for the right chemicals to keep their wheels-a-turning!

Decent Gloves

If you’re going to fall, you’re going to fall hands first! The right pair of gloves can go a long way for a cyclist and new gloves are always appreciated. Cycling gloves are there to provide comfort, protection and warmth for the hands which can take a real beating sitting out front on the handlebars. Good quality gloves are relatively inexpensive and anyone who cycles regularly should have more than one pair in their arsenal at any one time. Even if your desired recipient has a pair or two already, a third one will always be well received!

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