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Steady! 5 Epic Cycling Near Misses

Steady! 5 Epic Cycling Near Misses

Following on from our last post of silly cycling blunders, we thought we’d continue the ‘top 5’ trend but this time, we’re moving along a different vain. Here we’ve got a selection of some of the best cycling near misses that the internet has to offer – of course, there are some better ‘near misses’ out there but we thought we’d celebrate the ones where the hurt cost for the individual was at the minimum end of the spectrum.

There are a lot of videos out there that emphasize the blunders of other road users and while these videos have an element of that, they mainly focus on absent minded cyclists instead! If you want to stay safe on the road, try not to follow their example!

The BMX Close Call

Apparently, even mounting a bicycle is too much for some cyclists out there, so make sure that you do it properly. This poor lad almost lost his head as he lost control of his BMX and tumbled into the road. Fortunately, things didn’t take a turn for the worse and the oncoming car was able to swerve enough to leave our young rogue intact. If you do want to face plant into a car, make sure that it’s stationary before doing it – even then it’s pretty risky, so make sure you’re wearing a helmet at least!

Almost Flattened By Truck

Usually, road traffic accidents like this are reserved for Russian dashboard cams and CCTV but this particular event took place in Romania. This cyclist should’ve assessed the situation before committing to the crossing because the oncoming truck certainly didn’t have stopping in mind. Luckily, the cyclist managed to change tack seconds before the moment of impact, saving his life. His bike doesn’t appear to have survived the ordeal but the loss of the bike is a small price to pay in this situation, don’t you think?

Respect The Steam Train!

Now, we’ve all squeezed through traffic lights here and there or taken the odd risk or two when filtering through traffic but I think I can speak for all of us when I say ‘you don’t take risks with trains’, right? Thankfully, this video has a slow motion section at the end that reveals the otherwise ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moment of a cyclist crossing paths with a steam train. Alarm bells literally sounded, whistles blew, lights flashed and if that wasn’t enough there was a gigantic plume of steam heralding the passing of a giant locomotive. Despite all that, someone either missed the warnings or decided to take a serious gamble. There’s a lesson to be learned here: don’t play games with a train…ninety nine times out of a hundred, you’ll lose!


Now, this was a seriously lucky one. It looks like the cyclist was squashed flat and actual news agencies reported it that way at the time. Luckily, that wasn’t the case and the cyclist managed to stop just in time and escape with their life. As near misses go, this one was pretty damn close. Next time you’re out cycling and you hear screaming, it might be worth taking in your surroundings and stopping to find out what the commotion is before continuing on your journey – otherwise, you may end up being squashed flat by a gigantic tree.

All The Skills (Apart From The Relevant One)

This video may not be as ‘epic’ as the others in terms of near misses but we do follow a cyclist who is so sure of their own skill and ability that they seem to have forgotten the basics, such as ‘looking ahead’. While cycling with no hands may appear to be a cool trick, it’s not so cool when it comes at the expense of your safety. In an ideal world, he would’ve fallen off earlier but I think we’re all happy enough to see him have a near miss instead, right?

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