Spatial Awareness: The ULTIMATE Cycling Protest!

Spatial Awareness: The ULTIMATE Cycling Protest!

If you’ve been looking for the perfect way to illustrate the benefits of cycling (for both individuals and the wider community) and highlight the lack of spatial awareness from other road users then take a look at what’s been going on in Riga, Latvia. The cyclists from the ‘Let’s Bike It!’ group have taken an entirely different approach to bike safety and congestion by taking to the roads with their elegant car shaped frames.

It all began as a demonstration on World ‘Car Free’ Day, when the cyclists road out on with their car frames on, proving to the city how bad the morning rush hour congestion would be if they and their fellow cyclists took their cars to work rather than their bicycles. If regular car drivers opted to cycle rather than drive, imagine how empty the streets could be?

An added bonus to the protest was that for once, cyclists were finally given the amount of space that they deserve on the road; none of the cyclists were forced into the gutter when they were riding with their frames on! Imagine rolling around the streets of the UK wearing a car outfit like this – you can guarantee that those ‘close overtakes’ would fast become a thing of the past, especially if there was a risk of damaged paintwork! In fact, try it for yourself but cover the frame with a decent coating of paint stripper; if it causes damage to the vehicle passing you then they shouldn’t have been there in the first place! On second thoughts, leave the caustic materials behind…


This type of protest is yet to happen on these shores but we wonder how long it will take until someone takes up the idea and really brings London to a grinding halt. If it makes more people switch on to the benefits of cycling and convinces the government to bring in more pro-cycling laws and campaigns then we are all for it!

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