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Need An Upgrade? Check THESE Bikes Out!

Need An Upgrade? Check THESE Bikes Out!

As soon as you’ve caught the cycling bug, there’ll be nothing stopping you from enjoying your time on two wheels. The only thing that could hold you back is your bike itself. As soon as you’ve started commuting and using your bicycle as a primary form of transport, you might feel like you’re in need of an upgrade or something that better suits your riding style; something with a little more speed, handling and braking abilities – something that you didn’t pull out of a skip or unearthed from the back of your shed.

Modern bicycles are pretty expensive but once you’ve got yourself a new, top of the range bike you can ride it knowing that it’s paying for itself, especially when you consider the rising cost of petrol or public transport. Sure, you might spend a grand or two on a bicycle but if you use it everyday, it’s a small price to pay.

Here’s what’s hot for 2014: a selection of the most popular and most coveted bicycles out there:

The Cotic ‘Roadrat’

The great thing about the Cotic ‘Roadrat’ is it’s incredible simplicity and practicality; here you have a bike that’s designed like a road racer but has the handling of a mountain bike. It’s perfect for the city because of it’s versatility: you want to get around fast but your also want to get there in one piece and that’s where this beautiful bike comes in handy. The sleek frame is mounted on top of some relatively large wheels (complete with disc brake) with a set of flat handle bars to keep you in comfort and in control. The Cotic ‘Roadrat’ features a very clever gearing system that packs all of it’s eight gears inside of a sealed hub, keeping everything nice and protected that promises to keep wear and tear at bay.

The Roadrat retails for around £950.

The Charge ‘Plug 2’

This one is a personal favourite: it’s as simple as they come with only one speed, comes equipped with regular brakes and a sleek and elegant design that is guaranteed to turn heads. The single gear may appear to be a disadvantage but it all depends on what you want the bike for – obviously it’s not the best choice for uphill slogs but the simple gearing means that you’ll beat almost everything else off the line and you’ll move faster than the regular commuter traffic. It can also be turned into a track style bike too; no free wheeling but good for a change. Everything about this bike is bullet proof, the steel forks and frame are built for a bit of rough and tumble and it’ll take something extraordinary to damage it.

The Charge ‘Plug 2’ costs around £480

The Sabbath ‘Silk Road’

This bike takes it’s name from the legendary overland trading route (think long, arduous journeys in the pursuit of trade and riches) and here’s why: this bike was built with the longer journey in mind and it was designed to offer optimum comfort for the rider. If your trip is longer than a quick dash across the city then this is the bike for you. Although it’s perfectly capable in the city, this bike thrives on the open road and can tackle any bumps and potholes that you might meet along the way. It’s beautifully designed titanium frame provides strength and comfort as well as lightening fast acceleration capabilities.

The price for one of these is around the £2000 bracket.

The Vickers ‘Roadster L’

Vickers specialise in crafting some of the world’s best hand-made frames and they’re engineering skills are legendary – that may be why there ‘Roadster L’ comes with such a hefty price tag but each and every single one of their bikes is professionally crafted and it’s a small price to pay for genuine work of art. It might look like a vintage bicycle but don’t let it’s appearance deceive you; it’s built for the modern world and comes with some incredible technology that really sets this bike apart from the rest. Complete with SRAM Automatix gears, the bike automatically changes gear for you and has a smart braking system that engages when you’re coasting.

One of these will set you back around £3000 for brand new one.

The Scott ‘E-Sportster 10’

Electric bikes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but they’re incredibly popular in Europe and Asia; maybe the UK’s just not ready for them yet. They should be though because they’re the perfect form of transport for nipping about through the crowded city streets at a decent speed. E-bikes usually look like pretty ugly machines but the Scott ‘E-Sportster 10’ is certainly not one of those. It���s classic style is accompanied by a wide range of clever functions, including disc brakes and front suspension and up to 180km of travel on one charge. It’s also not as heavy as the standard electric bicycle and pedalling it like a normal bike is no trouble at all.

Expect to pay around £2500 for one of these bikes.

As you can see, some of these bikes aren’t cheap but as we mentioned earlier, compare the cost of a daily train ticket and the bike will pay for itself in no time. However, when someone else decides to damage your bike, it can be a costly repair – that’s why it’s important to give us a call if you��ve been involved in an accident, no matter how great or small. If the accident wasn’t your fault, the third party is liable for any damages that you and your bike have suffered. If you’re unsure about your situation, give us a call and we’ll put you on the right track.

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