Entry Level Road Bike Guide

Entry Level Road Bike Guide


So you’re looking to get into cycling, but you aren’t ready to part with the thousands of pounds required for the premium road bikes.

Fortunately, we know exactly how you feel, so here’s a list of five best selling budget road bikes, each costing less than £270.

Before you jump in and order your new bike there’s a couple of things to bear in mind. First, don’t expect the bike to be as light as a £500 model. They’re typically lighter than mountain bikes, but not super-light. Also, most entry level bikes require self assembly. You’re basically going to get a big box of parts and an instruction manual. If you’re not particularly handy with a spanner, you might want to ask for help from someone who is.


Barracuda Men’s Team Bike Road Bike – £241

This Barracuda road bike has a 57cm frame, 21 speed shimano gears and Verismo profiled alloy wheels.

Weighing in at 16Kg, this isn’t as light as some of the more expensive bikes, but that is to be expected. Another minus point is the grip-shift style gears, but that doesn’t stop this bike being a great ride and excellent value for money.

This bike is currently selling for £241.01 on Amazon UK


Vittesse Sprint Race – £204

As with the Barracuda, this bike has 21 gears, 57cm frame and grip-shift gears. Again, weighing in at 16Kg, the bike isn’t the lightest, but that is to be expected with an entry level road bike.

Assembling bike was a breeze. All of the critical parts came pre-assembled, so I was up and running within 30 minutes of tinkering.

This bike is currently selling for £204.42 on Amazon UK


Woodworm White Lightning – £200

Coming in at under the £ mark, this bike is one of the cheapest adult roadbikes. Coupled with the decent performance it offers, this is one of the best value entry-level road bikes money can buy.

The Woodworm isn’t a brand that most people have heard of, however this bike is a great all-rounder. It only has 18 gears, which is three less than some of the others, but that probably isn’t going to be an issue for the average road cyclist. The number of gears tends to be more of an issue with mountain bikes.

This bike is currently selling for £199.99 on Amazon UK


Carrera Zelos – £269.99

The Zelos has a slightly smaller frame than the other bikes, at 54cm. If you’re over 5 foot 10 inches tall, then it’s probably a tad too small. You’d probably be okay for short rides, but you might notice it over long slogs. The bike also only 14 speeds, which means it’s probably not the best choice if you live in a particularly hilly area.

This bike makes up for the negatives by being quite a bit lighter – weighing in at 11Kg. That’s a whopping 5Kg difference. The bike also has proper trigger shifters which are much better suited to a racing bike.

I am a firm fan of Carrera road bikes, owning one myself, so I would definitely recommend looking into their range.

This bike is currently selling for £269.99 on Halfords


In Summary

If your budget is below £270, then you can certainly afford a useful, comfortable bike which will have no problem getting you to and from work, or just out for some exercise.

However, if your budget can stretch up to the £400 mark, you will be able to buy a much lighter bike with plenty of gears, decent brakes and proper shifters. The extra couple of hundred will go a long way so if you can wait and save up more then I’d recommend that.

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