Cycling Accident Statistics

Cycling Accident Statistics


Each year in the United Kingdom, roughly 19,000 are involved in a road accident. Of that, 3,000 of reported incidents involve a cyclist being seriously injured or killed.
This number has increased in recent years due to the overall number of cyclists on our roads increasing.
Numbers quoted refer only to the accidents which have been reported to police. The numbers could be much higher including unreported cases or cases which did not occur on a road.

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As the table above shows, the majority of accident injuries involve adults, with just one fifth involving children. Between the age of 10 and 15 years is the highest risk age group. This seems to coincide with the high number of children of this age using bicycles. The accident rate drops off above this age, likely due to other transport increasingly being used such as scooters and eventually cars.

Four out of five cycling accident injuries are male.

Most cycling accidents happen in built up, urban areas. The majority happen at or near a road junction, with T-junctions having the highest rate of accidents. The most common reason for accidents is attributed to drivers or cyclists not looking properly.

More accidents occur during the lighter summer months as you would expect, due to more cyclists being on the roads at this time.

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