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Crash! 5 Epic Cycling Fails

Crash! 5 Epic Cycling Fails

There are plenty of good fails out there and the internet is crammed full of cyclists being bullied by road traffic too and while the majority of cyclists out there are courteous and safe road users (and car drivers are usually to blame) there are a fair few who have failed all by themselves. Here, we’ve found some of our favourite cyclist fails from the internet and put them in one handy place. If you’ve come looking for car doors opening or unobservant car drivers then you’re in the wrong place! This selection of fails is all about what cyclists do to themselves!

Under The Bus

This one is an oldie but a goodie. It should make us all think twice before filtering without properly assessing the situation! You know they say that you should only ride as fast as you can comfortably stop and also that you should ride as fast you can see… this guy didn’t. Luckily, he managed to get up from this one but damn, it could’ve been a hell of a lot worse! No one likes the thought of being crushed under a bus!

Roller Action

This recent roller fail caught my eye the other day. Not so much for the obvious and inevitable fail that was about to happen but by the amount of effort this Youtuber put into it all. He’s wearing all of his cycling gear and even goes as far as to clip into his pedals. What I want to know is why was he filming it in the first place? It was bound to end up being a thing of ridicule on the internet, wasn’t it? These days, filming yourself doing anything is a recipe for disaster!

Tighten Your Bolts!

Hopefully this video should have you all checking your seat bolt before your next ride. This poor fella thought he’d bump up onto the pavement for a quick rest and drink but alas, his seat bolt gave way under stress and sent the rider hurtling backwards to the ground, whilst sending the bike itself rocketing into the road! It’s a good thing that the carriageway was clear or it would’ve turned out a bit differently! Double check those bolts, guys!

Classic Barrier Action

Yeah, we all saw this coming a mile off, right? The whole barrier comes down on open convertible, pedestrian, motorized scooter has been done to death but the whole thing is a lot more epic to watch when a bicycle is thrown into the mix. Surely the cyclist would’ve known that a barrier was going to be there? If not, surely they should’ve known that overtaking that lorry in that situation and at that speed probably wasn’t the best idea…? Maybe?

Overheated Cyclist

There’s a lesson to be learned here: don’t try and remove your jacket while you’re riding a bike. Why didn’t he just pull over and do it? Because that wasn’t cool enough, that’s why. The exposed skin on his shoulders makes me cringe when I watch this. Gravel rash is nasty… Hopefully, he’ll have learned his lesson and will pull over and remove his jacket next time he gets too hot on the road! Hopefully…

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